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Charges stand against two men charged in South Bethlehem shooting

Two men face serious charges for their roles in a shooting outside of a Puerto Rican club

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Motions entered by two defendants in the Dec. 2012 shooting outside of a Puerto Rican Club in South Bethlehem have been denied.

On Dec. 2, 2012 a violent shooting broke out in the early morning hours leaving several people wounded and one woman, 23-year-old Yolanda Morales, dead.

Investigators say that Javier Rivera-Alvarado opened fire on three people outside of the Third Street club. Rene Figueroa then exited the club and shot Morales from behind, killing her, and then shot another man.

Judge Anthony Beltrami upheld the evidence presented by prosecutors, denying the defendants' motion to have the charges thrown out.

Beltrami also upheld the prosecution's decision to seek the death penalty against Figueroa.

The statements given by Rivera-Alverado to police are also admissible, as Beltrami denied Rivera-Alverado's suppression motions based on the fact that his statements were given while being treated in the hospital.

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