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Child cancer patient donates X-Box system for Lehigh Valley Hospital

Child raises money for hospital

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - To you, it may be "only a game," but for kids in the hospital with life-threatening illnesses, an X-Box can be a vital escape. Children at Lehigh Valley Hospital's pediatrics unit now have a place to play, thanks to one very special patient.

The first thing you need to know about Zachi Telesha is, he has cancer. He's also 11 years old. Eleven year-old boys like video games. And at LVH, that was a problem.

"This hospital -- their games were pretty much outdated," said Telesha.

Telesha spends a lot of time at LVH, but kids in the hospital didn't have much to do to take their minds off -- well, being in the hospital.

"They had a Tigger, Winnie the Pooh game," said Telesha. "They had a card game, but that was about it."

So Telesha did what any kid would do: he asked for an X-Box. But he didn't ask the hospital; he asked the community. A charity golf tournament in May raised the $1400 needed. Now, kids have something to relax them while they're here.

"If you get bored of almost everything in the hospital, you actually have one thing that you could have been saving for later," said Telesha.

But Telesha isn't stopping here. His new goal is to raise even more money for LVH.

"If I had the chance to tell the world to donate to hospitals around the world, for children's hospitals, I would say, 'Go for it,'" he said.

The way video game systems go, Telesha is already looking to the next big thing. He's thinking it might already be time to upgrade -- to a Nintendo DS.

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