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Christmas time can lead to arguments for couples

Christmas fights

It's called the most wonderful time of the year, but for couples it can be the most stressful, especially if you're relationship is relatively new.

Psychotherapist Lilia Santiago says she sees plenty of clients during this season because of holiday stress and many times it's couple related.

"Absolutely, it often happens because of finances," said Santiago.

Santiago says for couples that can afford it, coming up with a budget is important as well as not going overboard with spending on presents.

And when money is an issue, Santiago says it's better to give something meaningful versus something expensive.

"We have kids here that come all the time not interested, they just want to spend time with mommy and daddy, that's all," she said.

Besides money, experts also say that deciding on how much time to spend with family can also be stressful.

Santiago says compromise is key for couples who find it difficult to divide time among families, she adds it's also very important to communicate the plans to family members well ahead of time so they know what to expect for the holidays.

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