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Community rallies for recovery of Lafayette College student critically injured in hit-and-run

Parents note 'progress'

Aubrey's Odyssey

EASTON, Pa. - One week after a violent hit-and-run crash, a Lafayette College student is still unconscious. But her family reports she's making slow and steady progress.

"Aubrey is an absolutely amazing young woman," said Victoria Parsons, a friend and fellow club soccer player. "She's absolutely a fighter."

Aubrey Baumbach is certainly fighting now -- fighting for her life.

"She was leaving crew practice, and was hit by a car," said friend Jillian Fahy.

It happened last Friday night on Lehigh Drive in Easton. Police say the driver, Wilson David Kneebone of Martin's Creek, simply kept going. He now faces multiple charges.

"People make poor decisions because they're scared or for whatever bad reasons they have," said Parsons, "and I like to think most people would stay to make sure whoever they hit was okay."

Since the accident, the Lafayette freshman has undergone four surgeries to relieve pressure on her brain, according to a Facebook support page. But the future remains uncertain.

"We're all thinking that she's going to wake up and come back to school eventually," said Fahy.

Aubrey's parents took to Facebook to thank her supporters. Her mother Lisa said, "Aubrey is a fighter! For six days, we have lived moment to moment, not knowing what was around the corner … She sustained a severe brain injury, an injury for which the outcome is never known … Only time will tell how she will pull [through] this."

"It's been hard on everyone, who doesn't even know her has been really affected by it," said Fahy. "A lot of the sororities and fraternities have even sent her cards, and I know the soccer team did."

And amazingly, Baumbach's friends say they are not angry at the man accused of putting her in this condition.

"I don't think anger really has a lot of place in this situation," said Parsons. "I'm obviously not happy with his decisions … but I think it's much more important to focus on Aubrey."

On Facebook, Baumbach's mother said doctors believe she will wake up and begin talking again.

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