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Community rallies to help victims of Mineral Springs fire

Community rallies to help victims of Mineral Springs fire

FORKS TWP., Pa. - First, there was the massive fire that destroyed their home.  Now, survivors of the Mineral Springs Hotel blaze are reeling from another blow: one of their neighbors allegedly confessed to starting the whole thing.

"Why?", asked Fabienne Dure, who, along with her three kids, lost almost everything.  "I can't understand why you would do something like that.  There are too many people that are affected by this."

Police said one of the residents, Fallonn Craig, started the fire. Court papers said Craig admitted to lighting her bed on fire after fighting with her boyfriend.  Craig allegedly told police she "hated the bed" and was tired of her boyfriend "dominating" her.  

"I'm in shock, basically," said fire victim William Robertson.  "I never heard any fighting."

Fallonn's boyfriend took to the internet to apologize.  On his Facebook page, Charlie Unangst Jr. wrote:  "I have tried to be there for her the best that I could… apparently I just couldn't do enough of what was needed.  The situation got so far out of control.  I guess that's what she means by I always have to have control of everything."   

Police said the fight started after Craig wanted to see other men.  Was there trouble before?  Although most described the couple as private, one acquaintance said Craig once disappeared for weeks -- not telling anyone where she was.   

"Bad decision all around that shouldn't have happened," said Dure.

Fire victims have found some relief in the outpouring of community support.

"It saddens me," said Rachel Joyce, who once worked at the bar attached to the hotel.  "I feel bad for everybody that's involved."   

When she heard news, Joyce knew she had to jump into action.  She helped organize the donation drive at the Lower Mt. Bethel Township fire station.

"It's a great turnout," she said.  "It's just warms my heart."   

Dure was amazed at the response too.

"I'm getting phone calls and things from people I don't know, from the kids' schools and all over," she said.

Police said Craig and her boyfriend had been together for several years, but there is no record on any protective orders or police calls between them.

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