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Company offers to clear Allentown streets of snow

Company offers to clear Allentown streets of snow

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - The warmer temperatures have helped to melt some of the snow but there's still a long way to go.

Thursday one local company stepped up to speed the process along.

Twenty-four hours ago many of the cars in Ellsworth street were stuck in snow.

You would think any company that would clear away all that snow for free would be looking for recognition, but in this case you would be wrong.

Allentown's east-side was a symphony of snow removal: scooping, scraping and shoveling.

"There is probably nearly 70 people out here not on payroll not on the clock all who raised their hand and offered to help, " said Joshua, the self proclaimed anonymous contractor who is the owner of the company hard at work Thursday.

He doesn't want us to show you his face or use the name of his company for a reason.

"Because I think it's important to do good things for people and not have to fly your flag," said Joshua.

East-side residents say they were taken by surprise when the convoy of machinery moved in and even more surprised to find out this wasn't a paid job.

"Gob bless them," said resident Robin Askew.

The company coordinated with the City of Allentown, which provided trucks and drivers to haul away the snow to a local park.

Residents say they've never seen anything like this snow brigade, but are glad it came to the east-side.

"My husband's car was parked there for a week because we couldn't move it," said resident Jean Miller.

The anonymous contractor says the City of Allentown has been doing a good job cleaning up the streets, but it only has so much equipment.

Mayor Ed Pawlowski commends the company for organizing such a vast and effective volunteer effort.

He says the city was more than happy to assist, and that the city and the residents are very grateful.

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