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Crews making progress on American Parkway Bridge in Allentown

Crews making progress on American Parkway Bridge

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Crews are making progress on a bridge that has been decades in the making.

The American Parkway Bridge will connect downtown Allentown to the city's east side.

"Many folks used to say, 'Well, I'll never believe that bridge is going to be built.' Well, it's being built," said Mayor Ed Pawlowski, D-Allentown, who spoke to 69 News near the construction site on the east side Monday. "It's pretty amazing. They've talked about this for over 50 years, and it's actually happening." 

Pawlowski said the project costs about $60 million and is federally funded. It will connect American Parkway on either side of the Lehigh River.

"It'll be a major improvement to connect the east side with the downtown. It'll be a quick way to move people in and out of center city," said Pawlowski, who added that it will be needed with all of the downtown development underway.

"For years people said, 'I'll know that Allentown is coming back when this project occurs,' and this project has occurred, so it's coming back," said Pawlowski.

He said the it will likely be at least a year and a half until the bridge is complete, but it could take longer depending on construction.

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