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Croc Rock sues SLP Concerts over lost fees, moving shows to other venues

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - An Allentown concert venue is fighting back after a concert promoter pulled scheduled shows.

On Wednesday, Crocodile Rock, located at 520 W Hamilton Street, filed a lawsuit against promoter SLP Concerts.

Croc Rock officials said they're seeking damages stemming from fees paid by fans to Ticketmaster for tickets to shows performed at Crocodile Rock Cafe.

"SLP Concerts refuses to disclose the amount of fees collected by them over five or six years or more on the shows at the Crocodile Rock Cafe," says Croc Rock owner Joe Clark.

"There could be hundreds of thousands, maybe over a million, in these fees that have never been paid to the Crocodile Rock Cafe and were collected exclusively by SLP Concerts via Ticketmaster. A $25.00 ticket could cost a fan as much as $37.00 and SLP, Stan Levinstone, et. al. and Ticketmaster kept the fees." Clark added.

Through the lawsuit, Croc Rock is seeking disclosure of unreported income the venue was entitled to.

Croc Rock is also seeking an immediate injunction against SLP to keep the promoter from moving shows that were scheduled at Croc Rock to other venues.

According to Croc Rock officials, "these shows were moved arbitrarily and with no notice to the Crocodile Rock causing Crocodile Rock a loss of revenue and tortious interference to our reputation in the international world music community."

Crocodile Rock lost an appeal to keep its liquor license last month.

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