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DA: 2 dead in Allentown home; coroner says deaths are suspicious

DA: 2 men found dead in home

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin is looking into what killed two men in Allentown.

Just before 6 p.m. Wednesday, police and the coroner's office were called to the 100 block of Long Street, officials said. That's in south Allentown near Susquehanna Street and not far from Fourth Street. Martin was also on scene.

The two men were found dead Wednesday, Martin said. He confirms they are roommates but said it is unclear how the men died.

"At this point there's no obvious sign of any physical trauma so we'll have to await the results of the autopsies," said Martin.

The Lehigh County chief deputy coroner called the deaths suspicious and confirmed there was nothing obvious that happened. He said autopsies are scheduled for Thursday morning.

Ronda Brand said she is the ex-wife of one of the victims, who she identified as Chadd Wirth, 43. She said her ex-husband was good friends with his roommate and the two worked together, but didn't show up for work Wednesday.

"My son got into the house because my ex-husband didn't show up for work and I guess came in through the screen and seen him lying there," said Brand.

"Talked to him last night he seemed fine, OK, and he said that he'd call me back later last night but he never did," she added.

"I'm feeling like I lost one of my best friends 'cause he was a good dad. He was a good father. He provided for my boys and we were good friends. We were really good friends," said Brand.


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