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Deadly trail attack puts local joggers on high alert

Deadly trail attack puts local joggers on high alert

Joggers are being extra careful after two recent attacks on park trails, with the latest just this week in Philadelphia turning deadly.

Connie Murray, 46, was found dead in northeast Philadelphia after she told people she was going for a power walk. Her death has been ruled a homicide.

In May, a woman running on the Karl Stirner Arts Trail in Easton was attacked from behind while jogging on the path.

"I used to power walk, and I loved doing it, but I wouldn't do it anymore," said Norma Voorhees-Delorenzo, a Phillipsburg, New Jersey resident.

Both crimes have women joggers and cyclists on edge.

"I think it's just horrible because people use this as an outlet and you want to feel safe and just enjoy God's beauty," added Voorhees-Delorenzo.

After the attack, signs appeared on the Karl Stirner Trail, telling joggers they were safe.

While we don't know who the trail guardians are, police said the case is open and very active.

Even if people are watching to keep others safe on local trails, some women said they need to be alert as well.

"I never have ear buds in. I'm always super aware of what's going on around me," added Barb Burkhurdt, of Bethlehem. "I always let people know, like if that guy had passed me, I always let them know I see him."

Being alert is just one part of it. Others said you need to know your surroundings and carry some sort of protection, and by all means realize there is strength in numbers.

"I think if you're going to go out by yourself, take a can of mace, take a blow horn, you can do that," said Voorhees-Delorenzo. "I just don't go by myself, that's my option, my choice that I do."

"I always have my cell phone, yes, and other than that it is pretty much don't go out by yourself," added Burkhurdt.

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