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Democrats look to fill 133rd District seat on Nov. ballot in place of Rep. Joseph Brennan

Brennan requested to withdraw from re-election Wednesday

Who could take Brennan's seat

State Representative Joe Brennan, a man in trouble with the law, says he is working each day on recovery.

What he won't be working on is a re-election campaign.

Brennan's accused of DUI and of assaulting his wife, and Wednesday he said he won't seek re-election to the State House. 

What does that mean for the 133rd district seat? 

Brennan has served in Harrisburg for six years.

Local Democratic leadership says in order to keep the 133rd district seat the party needs to come together.

This is not the way Representative Joseph Brennan wanted his reelection campaign to go.

In a statement talking about withdrawing his name from the ballot, the state rep said, "I continue to work on my recovery day by day.  It is the hardest thing I have had to do in my life.  As I continue this process, it will be better for me and my family to not also have to deal with the challenges of a political campaign."

"I'm really pleased that he's decided not to run for re-election," said Rick Daugherty, chairman of the Lehigh County Democratic committee. "He needs to focus on personal problems and his family." 

Daugherty says there are a lot of things left to do before the November election -like find a candidate to place on the ballot.

"We will petition the Commonwealth Court and request a ten day extension to put somebody else's name on the ballot," said Daugherty. "To have another candidate to run."

"I thought it was too late," said David Molony, Republican candidate for the 133rd district. "I was under the impression that the Monday, last Monday, was the last day to get your name on the ballot."

A judge can grant Brennan's request to withdraw and grant the ten day extension.  A judge could also accept Brennan's request, but deny the extension.

"We don't have anybody on the ballot," said Daugherty. "What I would look to do at that point would be to have a write in campaign.  The difficulty with that though is we could have a number of different Democrats looking to have a write in campaign."

"My campaign is going to remain the same no matter what," said Dave Molony, the Republican running for the 133rd District seat.

Daugherty tells us plenty of people have expressed interest in running for the seat.

No one is ready to make a formal announcement, but some in the group have held local offices before. 

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