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Dinosaurs in the Lehigh Valley

Dinosaurs in the Lehigh Valley

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - One life size cardboard dinosaur costume has transformed from Halloween fun into a business idea and a full time job.

With the help of Anthony Durante of the Allentown Economic Development Corporation, costume creator, Lisa Glover is getting her business off of the ground.

Glover says she has ambitions to become the next Lego of paper toys. It is a goal Durante is confident she can achieve.

"She's got a ton of creativity and she's really doing something that she's passionate about," Durante said.

Glover's following a business plan that sees her moving from the walls of the Bridgeworks Enterprise Center in Allentown, to a place of her own in five to seven years.

While Lisa's company called Architrep has only a small dino kit called KitRex, available for presale on Kickstarter, she says she plans to expand to other models as her business grows.

"Maybe even potentially some partial or costume size kits," Glover said.

Until that day she'll spend hours perfecting her smaller scale designs, creating new models and structuring a business with plans to stay in the Lehigh Valley.

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