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Dog owner: Area bus driver hit my dog and kept going

Dog owner: Area bus driver hit my dog and kept going

WASHINGTON TWP., Pa. - A Northampton County couple is asking for an apology after the death of their Great Dane puppy.

They say the dog was hit by a school bus and police say after the accident, the driver just kept going.

Ralph and Marcia Susslin had just gotten the puppy.

Both say they've been unable to sleep ever since seeing a bus driver hit the dog and keep driving.

Last Tuesday afternoon was a normal day at ARM Auto in Washington Township, Northampton County.

Owner Ralph Susslin had his one year old Great Dane puppy, Egypt, at the shop.

"That was my baby," said Susslin. "She used to sleep in bed, she would sleep with her head on my chest."

The afternoon would turn tragic as Ralph let the dog out of the garage.

"I yelled, 'Egypt, stop.' Normally she would stop on a dime, she didn't want to stop," added Susslin. "I hit her with the shock collar, she still didn't want to stop. Then from the video you see what happens."

Survellience video from ARM Auto shows the dog kept running towards Lower Main Street and then was hit by a school bus that was leaving the area to pick up students.

"Oh my God," exclaimed Susslin as he watched the video again. "Let me get that dog to the vet because I know she is not good."

According to the Washington Township police report, other bus drivers tried to tell the first driver he hit the dog, but that driver said he could not turn around.

The bus company, Student Transportation of America, investigated the accident, and believed the dog ran into the back of the bus.

"We completed our investigation," said area general manager Dan Fiorilli. "If there is another piece to the investigation we would like to see the video."

Ralph Susslin says no one from the bus company has even come to apologize for the accident and the police closed the case.

Originally Susslin didn't want further action, according to the police report, but he says the loss of his dog has been very tough.

"To me the dog was like a child to me,"said Susslin as he held back tears. "I don't have my own children. So I am not going to let this go."

69 News spoke with Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli to see if the driver could face any charges.

Morganelli tells us the driver could receive a summary charge for not stopping at the accident because personal property was damaged.

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