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Dorney unveils plans for new thrill ride

Dorney unveils plans for new thrill ride

SOUTH WHITEHALL TWP., Pa. - It's a great day for Dorney Park in South Whitehall Township, and it's a great day for you, too, if you just so happen to be a roller coaster connoisseur.

Sure, the summer's winding down, and your opportunities to take on Thunderhawk or hop on the Hydra are growing scarce, but, take heart.

There's something new to get you through the long, cold winter.

In just a few months, Dorney Park will get stung.

Today Dorney unveiled plans for the Stinger, the park's 8th addition to its arsenal of roller coasters.

At 138 feet tall, the Stinger is an inverted boomerang coaster.

"It goes back and forth on one track, through several loops, a cobra roll," said Charles Hutchison, the park's PR manager.

Riders will be flipped six times at speeds of up to 55 miles per hour, and hiding the fear in your eyes won't be an option!

"Each of the seven cars has one down-post with four seats so the riders are sitting back to back," said Hutchison. "That means you're sitting face to face with the others."

Construction on the $10 million project began earlier this year.

The Stinger takes the place of the now-departed Laser in the Northwest corner of the park.

But, never fear. The Laser's not getting the scrapyard treatment.

"Actually it's traveling now in Europe," said Brad Nesland, Dorney's Vice President of Maintenance and Construction. "It was sold to a firm that put it up in Europe."

Ensuring that the Stinger has plenty of room to strike!

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