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Eagles fans take a 'wait and see' approach after hiring Kelly

Oregon coach heading to Philaldelphia

EASTON, Pa. - He's gone from being a duck to an eagle.  The Philadelphia Eagles have hired Chip Kelly as their new head coach.

People that will fill Lincoln Financial Field next season have some mixed emotions about Kelly.

"I'm not happy with this hire," said one caller to the ESPN Happy Hour show. "This is not Harbaugh, who had NFL experience."

That's just one sample of the calls that were filling the phone lines at WEEX - AM, the ESPN station of the Lehigh Valley and home to the Happy Hour show, with Tom Fallon and Mike Mreczko.

"I'm sitting in the studio and all of a sudden it comes across breaking news that Chip Kelly is the new coach of the Eagles," said Fallon.

Kelly has a record of 46 - 7 over four years at the University of Oregon -- a winning record some hope Kelly brings from the west coast to Philly.

"I'm wondering how well connected he is and if he isn't well connected I'm wondering if he is going to bring in a bunch of college defensive coaches, offensive coaches, etc," added another caller.

The lines stayed filled for most of the three hour show.

Right now almost everyone is taking a 'wait-and-see' approach.

"He's played as much NFL football and coached as much NFL football as Tom and I have," said Mreczko.

The one thing the hosts of the Happy Hour are sure of: if Chip Kelly doesn't do well, fans will let him know.

"With a move like this, it's going to be split," said Fallon. "It's just a matter of how willing Eagle fans are to let him grow into the role and get the kind of personnel he wants."

The first sign of that will be during the NFL draft in April.

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