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Easton family loses almost everything in fire

Easton family loses almost everything in fire

EASTON, Pa. - An Easton woman and her family who lost almost everything they own in a fire just want a new home, even if they don't have much to put in it.

As Tammy Smith goes through her home on Butler Street in Easton, there is a lot of sorrow.

"If I get upset, my 9-year-old gets real upset," said Smith. "So right now is my downtime. I'm allowed to cry because she's not here."

Fire ripped through the attic of the home Sunday. Smith said it started in the garbage can of her son's room.

"They were trying to put it out with water, but the more water they put on the faster it spread, and once it hit the walls it was a done deal," said Smith.

All six people escaped unharmed, but now Smith worries about caring for her four children, three of whom have special needs.  

"My 17-year-old is bipolar and suffers from depression," said Smith. "My son is 23 and he has Aspberger syndrome and my daughter is 22 and she has severe upper thorasic scoliosis."

The Red Cross has put the family in a hotel, but the three days of assistance run out Wednesday.

"Basically everybody is still in shock," said Smith.

While they may have been able to salvage some things downstairs, Smith and her family lost everything upstairs in the home. Now, they just want a place where they can all stay together.

"Next week, we're going to be all separated," said Smith. "I have three family members that can help, but they can't take six people."

The family has received assistance to rent a new home, but finding one is hard. They also wonder what belongings they will put in it.

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