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Easton Silk Mill project moving right along

Easton Silk Mill project moving right along

EASTON, Pa. - The landscape in Easton will be looking a lot different once two major construction projects are completed by the summer of 2015.

The intermodal facility and Simon Silk Mill are expected to bring in more people and more tax dollars.

The multi-million dollar intermodal project includes a new bus terminal, city hall and parking garage.

"There is a need now for that parking. I don't think anyone in the area would argue that we need more parking," said Easton Mayor Sal Panto.

The Simon Silk Mill property is looking less like a home for zombies, and more like a community rising from the ashes.

"Everything here is brand new underground. The developer is putting in new electric, cable, gas lines, water lines, waste water lines. So it's a brand new community," Panto said in reference to the Silk Mill property.

Panto says state and federal grant money helped clean the property and create an infrastructure.

Now it's up to the developer to do the rest.

The buildings will house apartments and commercial space that might see resident as soon as June of 2015..

"It's really coming together. There is a synergy downtown, but these projects are really important for tax base and job creation," Panto said.

There will also be a boulevard leading in to the property that could be finished by September. Panto says this boulevard will help alleviate a lot of the traffic at 13th Street and Bushkill Drive.

The completed roadway means another route to access downtown Easton as well, something Panto says is happening more.

"Between last year and this year the same period of time, parking meters are $8,000 more than they were last year," he said.

The added revenue means more people are coming to Easton and with the completion of the Silk Mill project, more people will be living here too.

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