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Emmaus tries new blinking lights to scare of geese

Emmaus tries new blinking lights to scare of geese

EMMAUS, Pa. - The borough of Emmaus doesn't want to be a party pooper, but it says the party is over for a gaggle of geese that is pooping at Furnace Dam Park.

"No one comes here anymore. This used to be a great park," said Emmaus resident Traci Palleria.

The gaggle's gifts are everywhere, on the grass, the sidewalks and even creating a traffic hazard in the street.

The borough has made feeding the geese illegal and says it has tried almost everything to encourage the gaggle to take it elsewhere.

"Wooden wolves that were supposed to scare the geese off, we've coated goose eggs with oil, we've done things such as disturbing them by chasing them and other tactics that supposedly work," said Borough Manager Shane Pepe.

They're not exactly disco balls, but these solar powered beacons could finally send the party packing.

"The blinking light will disturb the geese while they are trying to nest or sleep at night around the area so it's designed to scare them away, " said Pepe.

Pepe says the "Away with Geese" beacons cost about 360 dollars each and come with a money back guarantee.

"If we go down there and they are dancing then we have a whole other problems," said Pepe.

Pepe says the beacons are supposed to work in 90 days.

If they don't, the borough says it will call in wildlife experts.

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