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Everything coming up roses after brutal winter

Everything coming up roses after brutal winter

Bright blooms and buds on trees, inside the Valley Flower and Garden Show at Ag Hall in Allentown, it's like spring has already sprung.

It's a colorful contrast to the layer of snow and ice still sticking around outside.

Experts say that doesn't mean you should get out your shovel to try and help the next season start.

"Absolutely not, absolutely not, let nature take its course," shared Rick Tilley with Tilley Nursery, INC.

He says any plants or flower beds under the snow pack should be fine.

"The snow being on top of it is protecting it from the winter winds which will dry them out very quickly, and as it melts, it's gonna water everything too."

Snow is actually a pretty good insulator, so once it melts plants should start popping up.

"When it's gone they'll probably come up fairly quickly," explained Tilley. "The soil underneath is actually pretty warm versus the air temperature above."

He says it's your lawn and the plants above the snow that might not fare so well.

Snow mold is a real possibility on your grass after the frigid winter we've had.

"You'll see splotches in the yard," Tilley described. "Like patches that are either off color, not green like everything else, matted down a little bit."

You may find broken branches, winter burn and even deer damage to trees and shrubs on your property, but the best advice is just to wait.

"Wait until the snow is all gone," said Tillet. "You can see what you really need to do, then attack it."

The Valley Flower and Garden show started Friday and runs through 5 p.m. Sunday.

Tickets are $8 and kids under 12 are free.

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