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Ex-police officer sues Nazareth Police Department for discrimination

NAZARETH, Pa. - Connie McGinniss, a former Nazareth and Telford police officer, has filed a lawsuit against both boroughs based on claims that she was held to higher standards than her male counterparts at the gun range.

According to the lawsuit, McGinniss, of Bucks County, was subjected to shooting standards inconsistent with NRA standards.

McGinniss was paid $17 an hour, whereas males were paid $21 an hour, according to the lawsuit.

McGinniss also claims that she was forced to wear men's uniforms that did not fit her correctly.

The lawsuit asserts that her previous lawsuit against Telford Borough altered the way Nazareth Borough treated her; it is for these reasons that she included Telford Borough and Chief Randall Floyd as defendants.

Nazareth Borough and its police chief, Thomas Trachta, are also listed as defendants.

She is suing for damages in excess of $100,000.

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