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Experts show how you can save money on heating bills

Tips on saving money on your heating bills

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Snow is on the ground, and temperatures plummeted this week.  But there are some easy ways you can keep Old Man Winter outside without emptying your wallet.

"There are measurable and significant savings that you can realize," explained PPL Electric Utilities Spokesman Joe Nixon.

He says drafts are the first thing you should target. 

Cracks and gaps along windows, doors and plumbing can cause your heat to literally fly right out the door.

"We recommend that people find these areas and use caulking around windows and doors where you might have gaps, or weather stripping," Nixon shared.

According to the Department of Energy, adding insulation to your home can reduce your heating bill by up to 30%. 

The attic is a key place you should focus on. 

Turning the heat down while you're away during the day is another easy change, and if your thermostat is programmable it will gradually heat up so it's warm when you're home.

"We also recommend just using the heat of the sun," added Nixon.  "During the day keep the drapes open, let the sun come in and warm your place up, at night make sure you close those drapes."

If you keep your heating system maintained and replace your filters, Nixon says the system doesn't have to work as hard to keep your family warm. 

Insulating the pipes coming from your hot water heater also helps save money.

"The equipment doesn't have to work so hard and it's more efficient because you're not losing that heat," Nixon said.  "You're not having to spend more money to heat more water, because this will keep it hotter longer."

If you're not sure what things you should be implementing at your home, PPL Electric Utilities offers home energy surveys and home energy audits

Both of those assessments will help you identify energy saving measures inside your home.

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