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Fallonn Craig charged with arson for Mineral Springs Bar and Restaurant fire

Judge arraigned suspect in her hospital bed

Woman charged in Mineral Springs Fire

FORKS TWP., Pa. - A woman has been charged with arson for a fire in Northampton County that sent four people to the hospital, forced seven families from their homes and destroyed a business. 

Fallonn Craig is facing a laundry list of charges, including arson, causing a catastrophe and simple assault following a fire that burned the Mineral Springs Bar and Restaurant.

In addition to the bar and restaurant, the building in Forks Township also housed six boarding rooms and 11 apartments.

Police responded to a domestic disturbance call at 4306 North Delaware Dr. in apartment #4, at the Mineral Springs Hotel around 1:15 p.m. Tuesday, according to court documents.

While en route, officers learned Craig, 31, was setting fire to the home, paperwork shows. When the officers arrived on scene, they found Craig with burns on her arms and legs.

Police began evacuating the building as they saw fire quickly spreading to other rooms.

It was during this evacuation when police found Charles Unangst Jr., who is said to be the initial victim of the domestic assault call, according to paperwork. He was found sitting outside the rear entrance of apartment #4 with an injury to his head and burns to his feet.

Unangst and at least six others were evacuated from the building by police.

The fire raged for hours as firefighters from numerous departments fought the flames. 

Before being taken to the hospital, court paperwork shows Unangst asked Craig, "Why did you do it?"  "Why set two fires?"

Craig's response, according to the paperwork, was only, "I'm sorry."

While riding in the ambulance to the hospital, paramedics asked Craig if she needed to be decontaminated, if she used flammable liquids, paperwork shows. She said she had not. She said she used "one of those long lighters."

Unangst told police he and Craig had lived at the Mineral Springs Hotel for the past year and have been together for the past six years, according to court documents.  The two work nights together at Amazon.

Unangst said the fight began when Craig told him she wanted to be with another man, according to paperwork. She said the fight started while drinking and talking about problems in their relationship.

The fight eventually led to Craig throwing things around the apartment and Unangst being hit in the head with a laptop computer, both told police in separate interviews.

Around this time, Unangst left the apartment and walked across the street.  He then saw smoke coming from inside the apartment, paperwork shows.  He ran back, found the door locked and kicked it open.  He found flames on the floor, his bed on fire and smoke throughout the apartment.

Craig said she lit a cigarette and decided she didn't want it so she flicked it towards the couch.  She admitted, according to court paperwork, that she deliberately set a blanket on the bed on fire. She said she lit the bed on fire because she was "tired of being dominated by Unangst for the past few years."

Craig was arraigned Thursday by Lehigh County District Judge Jacob Hammond in her hospital bed, said Chief Greg Dorney, Forks Twp. Police Dept.

Four people, including two police officers, were hurt in the fire.  The officers were treated for smoke inhalation.

Community members are being asked to help the victims by donating items to the seven families through a drive at the Lower Mount Bethel Fire Department.  It's located at 4760 S. Delaware Dr.  Items were to be given to the victims at noon on Friday.

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