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Families of crime victims remember loved ones

Families of crime victims remember loved ones

Families who've lost loved ones to crime gathered Thursday in Allentown to show support for one another.

A candle vigil is held every year at the Memorial Tree of Life Grove Park by the Crime Victims Council of the Lehigh Valley during Victim's Rights week.

Dozens gathered early Thursday evening to share their stories of survival and remember those who were lost.

"I have recently become alive again. For many years I tormented myself with memories I tried to forget but they wouldn't let me," said Lucinda Benson.

"It doesn't get any easier, even after 11 years. I'll never forget him but you can always keep them in your hearts and remember the good that they did for you and your lives," said Janet Gehret.

Pat Snyder tragically lost her daughter Jennifer Lindsay Snyder who was shot and killed just a little over a year ago.

"I don't go home at night without thinking about her you know and I'll just turn my head and just think of things that I've missed over the past year you know and it's hard," said Snyder.

But thanks to the support of others and sharing of personal experiences, Snyder and others can begin to see the light once again.

"It's past a year now and the healing process has started, so this is I think a good way to do this on an annual basis, and I look to coming here every year because this is an awesome place.  I didn't realize how beautiful it was," she said.

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