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Family of man seen in alleged police brutality video speak out

Family of man seen in alleged police brutality video speak out

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Family members of a man they say was a victim of police brutality are speaking out after seeing the video of the alleged incident.

Allentown police have launched an internal investigation following the May 23 arrest and say they're looking into the matter to see if force was justified.

Alida Rodriguez says she was stunned after seeing the video where her cousin, Christhian Ramirez, can be seen tossed to the ground by police officers.

"He was dragged, he was hit in his legs and in his arms. That officer treated him like he was a rag doll," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says she had no idea of what happened until just a few days ago and after seeing the video she urged her cousin to go get medical attention Monday night.

"He has internal bruising, he has bruising on his arms, his legs. He doesn't even want to leave the house because of what happened, he was seriously injured," she said.

Allentown police are investigating whether or not use of force was justified in this incident.

Police say Ramirez was resisting detention.

However Rodriguez says there's another reason: her cousin doesn't speak fluent English and claims that's why officers reacted the way they did.

"The officer himself told him. 'You don't speak English?' and then he said to him some words that I can't repeat on camera," she said. "It's true he speaks very little English but that shouldn't be a motive for people to do whatever they want. They should act the way the law tells them to act, not like that."

Allentown police won't comment any further on the incident and say it's still under investigation.

Calls to Ramirez's attorney were not immediately returned.

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