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Father of newborn son struggling with aggressive cancer battle

Family sets goal of raising $50,000 in online donations to pay bills

Dad of newborn son struggles with aggressive cancer battle

NORTHAMPTON, Pa. - A Northampton County dad needs your help. Just weeks after his son was born, he found out he has a rare and aggressive cancer. Now, his bills are piling up as fast as his cancer is spreading.

It's incredible how life can change so suddenly. Just ask Jason Kiss of Northampton.

"It started in May," he said.

First came Jason's newborn son. Then weeks later, he married his longtime girlfriend.

"We'd been together about 10 years, so it was a little last due," said Jason's wife, Victoria Hruby.

But there was also this news -- this awful, tragic news.

"I initially was diagnosed with having bladder cancer," Jason said. "Next thing I know, I found out that my liver was covered with three-fourths of cancer... It just went from me being normal and happy and everything like that... to just feeling paralyzed."

The cancer has now progressed to stage four in mere months.

"The change has just been very drastic," Victoria said..

Doctors are trying chemotherapy and hoping an experimental medicine may help, but it comes at a steep cost to a man who can no longer work because of severe pain.

"It's extravagantly expensive," Jason said.

"We need a lot of help," Victoria added.

The family has started an online fund, but so far it's only four percent of the way to the $50,000 goal.

Meantime, for Jason, the clock keeps ticking.

"I'm scared.  I don't know if I'm going to be here to see my children grow up," he said. "I'm scared that I might not even be able to see his first Christmas."

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