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Fire-filled act performed at Allentown Fair

Fire-filled act performed at Allentown Fair

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - A new, high-flying act is being staged at the Allentown Fair, and it just may be the hottest show in town.

From dives, to spins, to an incredible 80-foot plunge, the Dana Kunze "Fired Up High Dive" show lives up to its name.

Multiple-time world high-diving champion Manny Mendes, 42, becomes engulfed in flames before plunging 26 feet into a nine-and-a-half-foot deep pool.

The show is new this year at the fair. Leader Dana Kunze set the world record for the highest dive at 172 feet.

"We are setting a real bad example here," he said.

Kunze said Olympic divers use pools no less than 16 feet deep. Hhis team heads into about half that, making this a thrilling but dangerous splash.

"There are scooping techniques we utilize when we go into the water that keep us from hitting bottom," he explained.

For 20-year-old Sean Piacente, who took the 80-foot plunge, it's a summer job that beats taking orders or laying down landscape.

"It's like being in a convertible heading down the highway except you land in a pool," he explained.

The team will be performing throughout the fair.

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