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Following patient's fall, St. Luke's found not in compliance with some safety regulations

A review by the Pennsylvania Department of Health says St. Luke's Bethlehem was not prepared to help a patient who ended up jumping out one of the hospital's windows.

Back in June, Jonathan Hanchick, 26, died after falling from a 6th floor hospital window.

Family members told 69 News they believe he jumped as an attempt to escape the hospital and go "home and get back to life."  Hanchick had been hospitalize dafter a motorcycle accident that also landed him with DUI charges.

Following Hanchick's fall, a federal investigation was done with investigators coming into St. Luke's unannounced. 

The results of the investigation are not in St. Luke's favor.  

Among other things, it says the hospital failed to maintain a safe environment for a patient identified with impulse control disorder and one with depression.  It also failed to provide justification for medication as a chemical restraint for one of the two restraint records reviewed. 

St. Luke's issued the following statement in regards to the report:

We express our sympathy to the family of the patient who died while attempting to elope from our hospital. After we notified authorities of this incident, Department of Health (DOH) surveyors conducted a review process regarding our elopement procedures. St. Luke's immediately completed and instituted action plans that have met the DOH's requirements and approval. As always, St. Luke's strives to provide patient care in the safest possible hospital environment for patients and employees, while maintaining an atmosphere conducive to health and healing.
- Kenneth Szydlow, VP, Marketing and Public Relations, St. Luke's University Health Network.

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