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Forks Supervisors put hold on zoning changes

FORKS TWP., Pa. - Forks supervisors are putting a hold on a proposed zoning ordinance after discussion raised questions over dense development.

The three-part ordinance included a controversial map change along Sullivan Trail that drew resident complaint at a recent meeting.

Another change along Zucksville Rd would have allowed townhouse development where single and double units only were allowed.

The planning commission had recommended the changes after multiple visits and discussions with developers.

"We built up way too quickly way too fast, said vice president Eric Chuss, who disagrees with the township's dense development in recent years.

Also, after setting the size for recycling bins under the new automated waste collection plan, township officials are making allowances for four neighborhoods.

Forks Village, Upstream Farms, Chestnut Commons and Riverview Phase Two communities formally requested a reduced bin size from the 95 gallon bin to 65 gallon or 35 gallon units.

Earl Klein, president of the homeowners association for Upstream Farms community, requested either a size reduction to 35 gallon bins or an ordinance change to allow the association to leave the township's waste contract altogether.

Upstream Farms, with 124 houses, has an average resident age of 85. Many people in the neighborhood are unable to handle a larger size, he said.

"They simply don't have the physical strength to do it," Klein said.

Other communities have limited storage space for larger bins and association rules that prohibit storing the bins outside.

Officials refused to change the ordinance to allow people to secede from the township waste system.

Financial Officer Jim Farley said it was better to continue accommodating residents upfront instead of lose people from the system or make them live with an inconvenience.

Farley said one community had not responded with their preferred size. Two were switching to 65 gallon bins, and Upstream Farms would use 35 gallon bins.

Forks Township currently accommodates residents with mobility issues, running a program whereby the hauler can take the bin to the curb for residents. Supervisors said that would continue under the new contract.

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