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Fountain Hill Elementary gets new playground

Fountain Hill Elementary gets new playground

FOUNTAIN HILL, Pa. - Being in the top four didn't get them the prize but a community rallying together did.

Over a year ago, Fountain Hill Elementary playground was deemed unsafe.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, or in the case of the Fountain Hill Elementary School Tigers, a group of cubs are looking for a new den.

"The kids are so excited they come in they look and they try to peek around to see what's going on," said Lisa Lynch, principal of Fountain Hill Elementary.

In the spring of 2012, the Bethlehem Area School District said the playground at the school was unsafe.

Screws were sticking out and some parts were rusting.

"It was a very sad day for the students of Fountain Hill because they love recess," added Lynch.

Then in November 2012, the students made a video asking for help to get a $50,000 grant for a new playground but finished fourth in the contest.

"We were very blue that we did not get number one and that there was no consolation prize," said Em Finney, community school director at Fountain Hill Elementary.

That blue feeling has been replaced by blue metal, mixed in with a little red, the colors of the school.

Students and the community raised enough money for a new playground.

"Students sold pretzels and they sold pencils and they had containers that said we need a new playground," said Finney.

The price tag for the playground is $60,000. Now the Fountain Hill Elementary school students will have a place to play.

Not only will the students be able to play here, everyone that lives in the community will be able to play here as well.

"We say you have to have yes written on your heart and I think we have a whole community that has yes written on their heart for our children," added Finney.

Students will still have to wait a little while longer. Installation of the playground should be complete at the end of the month.

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