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Friends, family remember murder vicitm

Friends, family remember murder vicitm

WILLIAMS TWP., Pa. - Friends are remembering a murder victim and helping a family start to heal.

Last week, Mark Werkheiser was found dead in his Williams Township, Northampton County home.

People in the neighborhood are showing support for the family and waiting for justice.

Mark Werkheiser's body was discovered the day he was supposed to be in court for a custody hearing.

His family was at Monday night's vigil, where many offered condolences and a kind word.

"The community is hurting," said Heidi Markow, founder of the Beginning Over Foundation. "We're all hurting; the pain is very deep."

Many are mourning the loss of Mark Werkheiser.

So a local domestic violence foundation organized a vigil to raise money for the Werkheiser family and offer words of healing.

"It's not about anything, it's not about any cause, it's not about any issue, it's about Mark Werkheiser and the love that the family and the community had for him," said Markow.

"Everybody is upset. It's like unreal," said Luke Fleck, a wrestler coached by Werkheiser.

Part of that community includes the youth wrestling team that Werkheiser coached -- kids who are having a hard time coping with the loss of their coach.

"I was pretty heartbroken," said Koti Figueroa, another wrestler coached by Werkheiser. "Mark is like my closest friend and I felt so bad for him. I felt so bad."

On March 15, Werkheiser, 38, was found shot to death in his home.

Werkheiser's family was in the crowd, but declined to speak on camera.

Those in attendance raised money for the family and while no one has been arrested for the crime, people hope the arrest will happen so the family can further heal over the loss of their loved one.

"Another word for wait is expect," added Markow. "So we have to wait with expectancy that something is going to come out of all of this and the family will one day find justice."

Organizers have raised over $3,000 for the Werkheiser family.

So far police have not named any suspects in the murder.

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