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Fuel spill causes problems in Nazareth

Fuel spill causes problems in Nazareth

NAZARETH, Pa. - HazMat crews from two counties descend on the borough of Nazareth to deal with the aftermath of a major fuel spill.

The incident happened shortly after noon at the Shell gas station at East Walnut and New Streets, as a tanker was refueling.

The crews say a hose popped off a tank being filled with gas.

People were evacuated from their homes as a precaution, but this could have been a lot worse.

Crews rushed to the scene after hearing there was fuel spilling on the corner of East Walnut and New Streets.

"They were fueling the tanks and one of the lines popped off," said Nazareth Mayor Carl Strye. "They estimate that about 175 gallons of fuel spilled out on the tarmac there."

Emergency crews from two counties responded to the scene.

The Lehigh County hazmat team started spreading material to soak up the gasoline right away while others went to nearby homes.

"They just said houses are being evacuated from a fuel spill," added homeowner, John Jago.

A handful of residents were evacuated for about two hours while crews went to work.

Officials say the main concern is runoff in the drains because people inside of the gas station tried to use water to wash away the fuel.

"Our concern is that what's laying in there is it going to get to the sewer department, is it going to get to where the storm drains drain out too, but we think we have that under control now," said Strye.

So far there is no word on if the operator of the truck will face any charges.

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