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Lehigh Valley

Fire damages 19th century home of Macungie's 1st mayor

Building currently houses funeral home, apartments

Funeral home fire forces evacuations...

MACUNGIE, Pa. - Billowing flames lapped against the early morning sky above Lehigh County. A fire at the Boyko Funeral Home on East Main Street in Macungie was a spectacle that woke up many borough residents.

"We could see the smoke and them using the water to put the fire out," said Maria Hollenbach.

Fire crews were dispatched to the scene around 2:30 a.m. Thursday. The Boyko family was quickly evacuated from the apartments on the upper floors so fire crews could get to work.

"I saw the flames just shoot straight up out of the back, you know, out of the roof, and then I knew I called the second alarm right away," said Chief Michael Natysyn, Macungie Fire Company.

Natysyn said it took eight fire companies four to five hours to put out the flames. What now remains is a charred, sooty mess.

"Water damage. We have a lot of water damage and smoke damage," said Natysyn.

After fire crews cleared out, the Boyko family started assessing its losses and the damage to its historic building.

Built in 1870, the front portion of the building was once the home of John Singmaster, the first burgess, or mayor. of Macungie.

Now, the Boyko family said it has no idea what the future holds for the building, but neighbors like Hollenbach are hoping for the best.

"I hope that they are able to get it restored back to the way they had it and condition and are able to open up their business again, because I know a lot of people in this area rely on them." said Hollenbach.


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