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Fury over snow removal

Fury over snow removal

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - If your car is stuck on the street due to this latest storm, you're not alone.

Snow plow operators in Allentown say there are things you can do to avoid the hassle of digging yourself out as well as how to make their job easier and in turn clean your streets faster.

In a ride along with snow truck operator Ana Negron, it was the same scene on many of the streets in Allentown: people parked feet away from the curb and many times completely crooked.

Negron says it's those types of situations that make it impossible for her to even use the plow, especially on the narrower streets.

"They don't have to go around the world to move their cars, they can just push it forward, like out of the way so I could just do a clean shave," she said.

There's also the issue of people clearing off their cars and dumping the snow right back onto the street, a move that's not only illegal but could result in a fine.

"That snow is going to be pushed back on to your parking spot and it's going to be worse because that three foot, four foot pile of snow is going to end up even thicker humps of snow on your spot that you just cleared out," said Negron.

So how should you do it?

Negron says to clear the snow toward the front and back ends of your car and if you can't do that, talk to your neighbors and pick a spot to dump the snow which can be cleared later by the snowplow.

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