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Get ready for the Freddys!

Freddy's dress rehearsal

EASTON, Pa. - The energy and excitement are mounting for local high school students before Thursday's Freddy Awards.

A dress rehearsal was held at the State Theatre in Easton on Wednesday.

"This is the night when theater meets television and we run through everything one time only before tomorrow night," said Shelley Brown, president and CEO of the State Theatre. She also co-hosts the show with WFMZ's Ed Hanna.

"We've done a lot of rehearsing and a lot of dancing and a lot of cleaning but finally it's come together and everything's looking great," said Diana Nicholas, who attends Saucon Valley High School.

"I'm ready for this," said Elijah Garcia, a student at Lincoln Leadership Academy.

Michael Guerriere, who attends Notre Dame High School, said, "It's going to be an amazing experience. I really can't wait for it."

"The opening and closing numbers are going to be the highlight of the night 'cause everyone's going to be screaming and shouting, cheering all of us on," he added.

Amanda Elkhatie, another performer, said, "It's definitely nerve-racking because you know tomorrow is the day and you just want to get everything right."

Claire Kern has a daughter performing and attended Wednesday's rehearsal.

She said, "Just fantastic, you just can't believe these kids are high schoolers."

Thursday's production will be the 12th annual Freddy Awards. Before Wednesday's dress rehearsal, crews worked on finishing touches and made sure everything is ready for the three hour live broadcast on WFMZ.

"TV has moved in today so they're running cables, checking microphones, getting cameras ready," said Brown.

Thirty-one schools are featured in this year's Freddy's, which is the most ever for the production.

"We've been working with the kids, they're all ready, their dances, their singing and all that is together and now we mesh it with television so it's a big scary night tonight, has to be perfect," said Brown.

The public was able to buy tickets for the dress rehearsal, which gave people a chance to observe everything that goes into making the show happen.

"They see it on TV and it all looks so seamless and simple, they don't see all the cameras, all the, what it takes," said Brown. "It's fun sometimes to see a little bit behind the scenes."

You can watch the Freddy Awards on WFMZ and streaming online at wfmz.com starting at 7 p.m. Thursday.

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