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Governor Corbett talks transportation funding with 69 News

Governor Corbett talks transportation funding with 69 News

We've heard time and time again people from across Pennsylvania pushing for improvements to the state's infrastructure.

A transportation funding bill is making its way through the general assembly and the governor says it's time to get it passed.

Talking to 69 News Friday, Governor Corbett said public safety should not be a partisan issue. He's encouraging people to contact their lawmakers and push for the transportation funding bill to get passed. The bill is currently in the House of Representatives.

"Four-thousand bridges that are structurally deficient to some extent and 10,000 miles of roads that need to be repaired has a direct impact, also has an economic impact and a jobs impact," said Corbett. "This is for the long term safety of the people of Pennsylvania."

"We're pretty close and a little more pushing by the people I think helps us get this done here in the month of November," said Corbett.

State Representative Mike Schlossberg (D-Lehigh County) said this issue is a priority and he's cautiously optimistic they can get something done.

"No Democrat is going to vote yes on this thing, on final passage, if at the end of the day it doesn't adequately fund mass transit," said Schlossberg.

"When you're talking about raising as many fees, removing the cap on gas taxes and really infusing the economy with two billion extra dollars every year, that's a serious, serious effort," he said.

Governor Corbett said each side has to give a little to make a deal happen.

"I would hate to see some bridge fail or some roads be closed. We've already weight restricted some bridges," said Corbett.

Schlossberg said, "Everyone in power really agrees that this is a need, it's just a question of how much are we willing to invest." 

The state legislature reconvenes  November 12th and Representative Schlossberg says the plan is to vote on this soon after.

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