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Haven't registered to vote? Time is running out

Haven't registered to vote? Time is running out

It's the final countdown for people who want to vote in November, but haven't yet registered.

The director of Northampton County elections here told 69 News by Tuesday they estimate more people will be registered to vote than in the 2012 election. Both Republicans and Democrats are hitting the streets to find people who need to register.

For volunteers in the Bethlehem, Northampton County, it all starts with a question.

"Are you registered to vote," volunteer, Will Vonklemperer asked a person walking by.

It's one of the last days to register to vote in Pennsylvania, this group volunteers with the Clinton campaign, but says when it comes to signing people up it's more about making sure they have a voice in this year's election.

"The goal is participation," added Vonklemperer. "A lot of people are not sure of the rules, we help them with that."

There are still some who need to register, like Donna Cox. She meant to do it when she renewed her driver's license, but forgot.

"You're an organ donor, but you're not registered to vote," said Cox when talking about her interaction at the PennDOT information center.

After several attempts 69 News was unable to meet with a crew from the Republican party, but the numbers from Northampton County show the GOP is getting people to register.

In 2012, over 70,000 people out of 209,382, were registered Republican. With two days left to register in Pennsylvania, 208,365 are registered to vote, over 72,000 Republican and over 98,000 are Democrat.

"Everyone should vote, every vote counts," said Elizabeth Moiales, from Bethlehem after she registered.

"I'm a Democrat, but I would hope most Republicans agree, the country is better off if everybody participates," said Vonklemperer.

The last day to register in Pennsylvania is Tuesday but you have a little more time if you live in New Jersey. The last day to register in the Garden State is October 18.

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