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HGTV host Egypt Sherrod headlines realtors' event


HGTV host offers realty tips

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - HGTV s ‘Property Virgins' host and featured speaker Egypt Sherrod highlighted the Lehigh Valley Association of Realtors' second annual Signature Event at Steel Stacks Musikfest Café Wednesday.

During the evening's final presentation, Sherrod, a Philadelphia native, discussed her long journey through real estate and broadcasting that has landed her key appearances on CNBC, MSNBC, FOX, CNN and HLN as an expert realtor.

"I am so grateful that I get to do everything I love at once: broadcast, real estate and empowerment," she said to an audience comprised of mostly real estate professionals. "We are people in a career [where] we can empower people every day."

Sherrod has been a registered realtor since 2002, having previously devoted herself to a career in journalism. Known for utilizing her accessible broadcast style to teach first-time home buyers about the real estate business, she shared some of her tips with the 350 community members in attendance.

"You need to build your real estate dream team [and] your realtor should be the quarterback of your dream team," she said.

In an interview prior to her presentation, Sherrod also spoke of the importance of referrals and determining the quality of the service through personal evaluations.

"You want to look for a competent, ethical agent who has a reputation amongst their peers and amongst their consumers and an easy way to do that is to ask for references from friends and family," she said. "Another way to do it is look online and see who has a lot of business.

Throughout the night she also stressed the importance of finding a realtor that was a comfortable fit, saying that "it's a personality business."

The featured speaker also gave advice to the many real estate professionals in the audience, emphasizing the importance of branding, specialization and social media use.

"To brand yourself means to differentiate yourself from the competition," Sherrod said, using social media as a prime example of a brand management tool. "Creating a brand for yourself allows you to last [in the business]."

The presentation was preceded by a Home Buyers Expo event that was open to the public and allowed attendees to exchange related services and network amongst themselves.

"We [had] lenders, home inspectors, whole installation companies, all the sort of things that a home buyer would need to consider when buying a home," said LVAR Chief Executive Officer Ryan Conrad. "We're really trying to connect the consumer with the resources they need and the information they need to buy a home."

The Lehigh Valley Association of Realtors is a not-for-profit trade association that provides resources, services, advocacy and relevant information to real estate professionals in the region.

Wednesday's event was sponsored in part by RCN and Lehigh Valley Style.

In speaking about her love for the real estate profession, Sherrod also gave the crowd at Arts Quest more general advice about pursuing your interests and dreams.

"When your passion and your purpose come together, that equals success," she said.

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