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Holocaust survivor shares his story with Allentown students

Holocaust survivor shares his story with Allentown students

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - It was a day of remembrance and sharing at Roberto Clemente Charter School in Allentown.

"You are the last generation who will see a live Holocaust survivor," Daniel Goldsmith said to Roberto Clemente students.

Goldsmith is one of the youngest living Holocaust survivors.

At 82, he knows that talks like this one at Roberto Clemente Charter School in Allentown will soon be no more.

Goldsmith grew up in Antwerp, Belguim.

When Hitler came to power, European Jews were first persecuted and then murdered by the millions.

Goldsmith says he remembers the day his father was sent to a Nazi labor camp and a tearful goodbye at the train station.

"He said to me the following: 'You are the little man of the house now and you will have to take care of your mother and sister until I come back.' That is the day I lost my childhood and I was only 10 years old," said Goldsmith.

His father was killed at Auschwitz.

The family was split up and in hiding for years.

Goldsmith says he wants to connect with kids to tell them them if it happened once, God forbid it could happen again.

"All the things that did happen, that can happen if, you know we keep quiet and we don't speak up when we see something wrong," said Goldsmith.

Roberto Clemente students have been studying the Holocaust in their English and History classes, but say seeing Goldsmith makes it real.

"When I was reading books I read it but I never heard it like someone actually talk about their experience," said senior Genesis Tejada.

"The stuff they had to go through I believe no one should have to go through," said senior Ariel Bonilla.

Goldsmith says if there is one thing he would teach students, it's not to hate, because he says hate was the driving force behind the Holocaust.

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