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How the cold affects vineyards

How the cold affects vineyards

UPPER MACUNGIE TWP., Pa. - The recent cold weather could affect how much wine local vineyards produce.

"The last three years have been very, very mild with not a lot of snow but this year's been very different," said John Landis at Vynecrest Vineyards and Winery in Upper Macungie Township. He said it's still too early to tell what the bitterly cold weather will mean for the crops.

"If these buds get damaged then that will affect the amount of grapes that we'll have," he said while showing a vine. "You'll have less crop to make wine from. It'll still be good quality it just won't be able to make as much wine."

"The only negative here would be we could have lower crop yields and we won't know that really until May or June when we start to see what kind of fruit we have," Landis added, but he said he is optimistic.

The snow actually does some good for the crop, he explained.

"The snow is providing insulation to this plant and protecting it from the very cold weather," he said. "Having snow on here when there's really cold weather is definitely beneficial."

"We're part of a larger group called the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail and we have eight wineries in this region that are producing so they would all be impacted similar to us if we have any winter damage," he added.

Harvesting starts around Labor Day.

Landis said, "You stay humble in this business because you can't control everything."

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