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Ice slams into car after falling from tractor trailer

Monroe Co. woman's windshield destroyed in incident.

Ice slams into car after falling from tractor trailer

Stacy Crudele and her mother Ginger say they're lucky to be alive.

Monday afternoon, the Monroe County woman and her two passengers were driving down Route 33 in Northampton County when a huge sheet of ice flew from the top of a tractor trailer driving in the opposite lane.

"I saw something coming toward the window but I didn't know what it was," explained Stacy Crudele. "I just noticed that it was big and it was white."

"To me it looked like it had to be about two to three inches thick," Ginger Crudele added. "That's like a sheet of metal coming at you."

Stacy says the slab of ice hit the ground before smashing into the front of her car, it kept going and slammed into her windshield, you can see almost the entire windshield is shattered. But there's even more damage that you can't see.

"The front bumper, the grille, the hood, the radiator, the AC condenser, fan strap," described Gary Stidham from Finish Line Auto Body.

He says if Stacy didn't slam on the brakes, things could have been a lot worse.

"She's very lucky that it hit the ground first before it made contact with the car so it didn't hit the windshield directly."

Ginger says the ice came from the top of a ShopRite truck. The company didn't return our phone calls, but Stacy tells us she spoke with them Wednesday afternoon.

"They told me they were going to look into it and as long as it was their truck on that road, even that day, that they can prove it, they would fix it," she said.

It was a close call. Everyone in the car was covered with shattered glass, but no one was hurt.

"We were really lucky, we were really lucky," shared Ginger.

"Very lucky," agreed Stacy. "Blessed, definitely."

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