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Investigation of reported child abduction in Easton continues, police say

School district says its investigation is closed

Attempted abduction investigation

EASTON, Pa. - There seem to be mixed signals from Easton Area School District and the police department over a reported child abduction attempt.

An Easton police detective told 69 News the investigation is ongoing, but a robo-call from the district told parents Tuesday that the case is closed.

"The information in the call accurately reflects the information I was given by the people within the district who investigated," said John Reinhart, the district's superintendent.

Reinhart said the district closed its investigation because of 'conflicting stories from the youngster."

"A male student at Paxinosa Elementary School reported to school officials an adult had approached him on the way to school," according to the recorded phone message received by parents.

To get away from the alleged encounter Tuesday morning, the robo-call said the student indicated he struck the adult and then ran into the building.

While the apparent incident took place in the morning, parents said they didn't hear from the school district until late afternoon.

"I just spent an hour-and-a-half in a classroom and had no idea," said parent Helen Corona.

And now they are concerned.

"I always tell them kick, run, scream, whatever you have to do to get away," added Maureen Rivera, another parent at the school. "Because it does worry me."

Even with parents on the lookout for possible predators, the call went on to tell them not to worry because the district contacted the Easton Police Department.

"The matter was investigated and ultimately deemed not credible. The investigation related to this report was closed," the recorded message stated.

Easton police investigators are not agreeing with the call and said they are still on the case.

"We're still actively investigating this as a possible crime," said Lt. Matthew Gerould, Easton Police Dept.

Police wouldn't elaborate on the nature of the investigation, but it looks like parents still need to be cautious.

"I'm already an over-protective parent," said Corona. "So, now that I know this I will keep my children indoors more."

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