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Judge rules against Megan Thode, Lehigh grad, in $1.3M lawsuit over bad grade

Judge rules against Lehigh grad in $1.3M lawsuit over C+

EASTON, Pa. - A judge Thursday ruled against a woman who filed a $1.3 million lawsuit against Lehigh University over a bad grade.

Megan Thode sued the school and her former professor for giving her a C+ grade in one of her classes.

Thode said the grade cost her a chance to become a licensed therapist, and she said that cost her more than $1 million in future earnings.

The "plaintiff [Thode] failed to establish that the university based the awarded grade of C+ on anything other than purely academic reasons," the judge said in his ruling.

WFMZ's Jaccii Farris was in court for the hearing. She'll have a full report on 69 News at 5.

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