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Jury hears from witnesses of wedding day homicide in Whitehall

Na Cola Franklin on trial in deadly stabbing of fiancé, Billy Brewster

Jury hears from witnesses of wedding day homicide

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - How could a wedding day go so horribly wrong? The groom, Billy Brewster, was stabbed to death in Whitehall Twp., Lehigh Co.; his wife-to-be, Na Cola Franklin, stands accused of the crime.

Franklin was on trial for the second day Wednesday, with the jury hearing about the day it went down last year.

The jury on Tuesday heard a 911 call in which Franklin said Brewster, her fiancé, was drunk and was going to steal their baby.

The jury Wednesday heard from the two people who were inside the apartment the morning of the homicide.

Shortly after Franklin walked into the courtroom, she heard from the two people who were inside her apartment the morning she allegedly stabbed Brewster to death.

Brewster's cousin and his wife flew in from Chicago to testify about how the three visited a strip club on Aug. 10.

Brewster and Franklin got into a heated argument, with Franklin pulling a knife and stabbing Brewster three times in the couple's living room.

Nakia Kali testified he saw his cousin put his hands up in the air, asking Franklin, "is this really what you want to do?"

Kali's wife, Monique, testified that, after Franklin stabbed Brewster, she tackled the woman until Kali could take away the knife.

The mayhem happened around 3 a.m. and with three small children and an infant inside the room. The couple was supposed to be married several hours later.

The defense questioned how much the pair had to drink at the strip club and asked the two if they knew of the two 911 calls made and why Brewster's statement wasn't picked up in the 911 call, which did get Franklin telling Brewster he was drunk, accusing him of wanting to drive off with the couple's baby, and threatening him.

In a second call, Franklin told the operator Brewster had just beaten her up and stole her baby.

A forensic pathologist testified Brewster was stabbed twice. A Lehigh County investigator said, when interviewed after the scene, Franklin broke down crying, saying she didn't mean it and still wanted to marry Brewster.

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