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LANTA altered bus routes start next month

Area bus riders on several Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority (LANTA) routes will see changes starting in February.

Currently, LANTABus and LANTAVans are operating regular services.

Minor routing and schedule changes will be implemented on various LANtaBus routes effective February 11.

Details are as follows:

Route 104

All trips will operate local between ATC and the Lehigh Valley Mall.
Northbound trips will leave ATC from Platform 4 and proceed left on 7th, left on Hamilton, left on 6th then continue on normal routing.

Routes 107 and 220

Westbound routing from Hamilton Street into ATC will follow right on 4th, left on Linden, right on 6th, left into ATC.

Routes 108 and 212

Northbound from South Bethlehem will use the Fahy Bridge, right Sakon Place, left Church, right New, left North, left Guetter and will no longer serve Main Street.

Route 213

1:15 PM eastbound trip from Penn & Olin will now leave at 1:25 PM

Route 321

AM eastbound trips will leave Lehigh Valley Mall at :35 to allow for more transfer opportunities.

Route 322

Afternoon westbound trips will leave ATC at :40 past the hour and afternoon eastbound trips will leave Trexler Mall at :10 past the hour.

Route 601

Bethlehem LOOP will use 2nd Street between Polk and Founders Way and will no longer use 1st St.

Route 604

Northbound routing will follow Riverside Drive, left on 2nd St, continue onto Columbia St, right on Webster, right on 3rd St, right on New St, right on Sakon Place, left on Church St, right on New St, left on North St, left on Guetter St.

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