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Larry Holmes' biggest fight debuts on the big screen

Larry Holmes' biggest fight debuts on the big screen

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Larry Holmes, 'The Easton Assassin,' the international heavyweight boxing star sits in a packed theater, with a few of his closest friends, and watches himself, talk about the fight of his life.

The film is a documentary called "Sweat Effect: Larry Holmes' Biggest Fight."

It all started, when Ashley Russo and her team at ASR Media first got the call months ago, when Larry made a visit to the ER.

"As soon as I did that first interview and saw the fear and the fear of the unknown and their struggle," Russo, the President & Executive Producer at ASR Media Productions says, "We talked about it and decided we've got to make this into something more."

Something more, turned into a journey, a rare glimpse into Larry's personal life, the diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes, and his fear of the new opponent.

"Diabetes will knock you out. Will knock you out," Holmes said.

But as Larry says in the film, he didn't get to be heavyweight champ of the world, by quitting.

In just 30 minutes, you see the biggest moments of an incredible career, the dedicated support from the woman he calls his "rock" his wife Dianne.

"This is a really different look at his life than has ever been done before," Russo says.

You see the struggle to understand his disease, with St. Luke's in his corner the fight to overcome a lifetime of habits, and the determination to beat this.

It's real and it's raw, and that's exactly what everybody involved wanted.

"We're hoping we can take this to the next level. Larry is a national figure. Everybody knows his name. We want to get the message out there so we can help a lot of people out there with Type 2 Diabetes," Russo tells us.

Larry adds, "I want to tell the people that I'm not as strong as I thought I was, and even the strong, we can survive if you do the right thing. With help, with knowledge, with not knowing what you might have…it could save your life!"

Sweat Effect: Larry Holmes' Biggest Fight, from ASR Media Productions and St. Luke's University Health Network, will air on WFMZ May 1, at 6:30 p.m.

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