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Lehigh County woman's disappearance leaves family heartbroken

Family members believe Holly Grim was abducted

Search for missing woman continues

LOWER MACUNGIE TWP., Pa. - A family is heartbroken as police continue to look for a missing Lower Macungie woman who disappeared from her home more than a week ago.

Police said Holly Grim, 41, left her home between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 7 a.m. on Friday morning, Nov. 22. Police have not classified Grim's disappearance as an abduction.

Jeanette Grim said she is overwhelmed with emotions as her youngest child and only daughter remains missing.

"She's my daughter, my friend, and my baby. And I want her back," said Jeanette Grim.

Jeanette Grim said she and her daughter talk on the phone every morning. She knew something was wrong when her daughter didn't call that day.

"We call each other every morning," Jeanette Grim said.

When Holly didn't answer her phone call, Jeanette went over to her daughter's house, but no one answered.

When Jeanette went inside, she noticed a few clues that lead her to believe her daughter was taken against her will.

"Anyone who smokes knows you would take your cigarettes, you wouldn't leave them....and her glasses were on the floor, she always wore them. No one leaves their glasses on the floor," Jeanette Grim said.

Neighbors said they noticed the back door of Holly Grim's mobile home was left open. They said Grim never opened or closed that door, which leads them to believe something suspicious occurred.

Family members and neighbors said Holly Grim would not leave her house without contacting her 16-year-old son.

"She's a simple, loving girl...and she would always came home to her son. She loved doing that," Grim said.

Family members also said Grim left without saying a word to her boyfriend, Dwayne Mory. Mory and Grim started dating more than four years ago.

"It's been terrible. I want my Holly back," Mory said.

Jeanette Grim said she holds on to hope that her daughter will return.

"I know I'll get her back," Grim said.

But her hope is not pushing away her fear.

"I wonder if she's cold, if she's eating," Grim said.

As families across the country celebrate the holiday season, Jeanette Grim said her family is putting everything on hold until Holly returns.

"Thursday was just another day by the phone. We'll be thankful when she comes home," Jeanette Grim said.

Grim is described as a white female, approximately 5'3" tall, weighing about 100 pounds.

She has brown hair and brown eyes.

If you have any information please call the State Police at (610) 706-0613.

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