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Lehigh River ice jam forces road closure

Ice jam in Northampton County

EASTON, Pa. - An ice jam in Northampton County has some in awe and others afraid.

Tracy Heller, who lives right across the street from the Lehigh River, said ice and snow started consuming the river Tuesday.

"It looks like the South Pole, like if you were going to be in Alaska, or the South Pole. That's what it reminds you of," Heller said.

The jam transformed portions of the river into a stunning stream of snow and ice, a fascinating phenomenon that Heller said she never witnessed in the more than 40 years she has lived in Northampton County.

"I never would have imagined this in my whole life. It really is pretty, but it's a scary thing on another note," Heller said.

Heller added that she worries it could cause flooding issues and pose a threat to her home.

It already caused some issues on her street. PennDOT shut down Lehigh Drive between Easton and Palmer Township because of major ice issues. The entire road was iced over Wednesday evening.

PennDOT and emergency responders urge the public to avoid Lehigh Drive and stay behind the barricades.

A woman drove her car through the closures around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, forcing the rescue of the driver in the 300 block of Lehigh Drive. She was not injured.

The car will be retrieved once ice melts and crews can get to it safely, officials said.

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