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Let it rain! Local couple cashes in on captured rain water

Recycling rain works for L. Macungie couple

Many people have been complaining about all the recent rain, but one couple in Lower Macungie Township says it's a great thing.

Janet and Artie Persing have been using rain barrels for the past ten years. They collect water from the roof into barrels to be used on their garden, lawn, and other uses.

The Persings say rain barrels protect a valuable resource by using what nature gave us. It also saves water from your municipality or well, thus saves money. There are also benefits from storm water runoff. They also say their garden has benefited from the rain water. They're able to water all year round, despite any water restrictions, and they believe the rain water has helped their plants grow because it isn't chemically treated house water.

They've collected 1,600 gallons of water so far this year, and more than 15,000 gallons since they started a decade ago. They've slowly grown from having just 1 barrel to now having 9.

The Persings say it's easy and cheap to have rain barrels. It's a real "do it yourself" project. The couple plans to have a rain barrel workshop in September. If you're interested in attending or just want to learn more about rain barrels, you can contact them at savingwater@hotmail.com.

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