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Lifeguards pull girl from pool just in time

5-yr-old Bangor girl expected to be okay.

Lifeguards pull girl from pool just in time

BANGOR, Pa. - A five-year-old girl nearly drowned in a Northampton County pool Tuesday.

Emergency responders were called to the Bangor public pool around 5 p.m.

Four lifeguards were on duty at the time, and responded just in time, according to officials.

"They saw the child and jumped right in...One cleared the pool, one got supplies, and the other two did CPR," said Cathy Allen, president of the Bangor Borough Council.

Sources told 69 News the child lost consciousness but came to after CPR.

Officials said she was alert en route to the hospital where she was taken for treatment and observation.

The child is expected to be alright.

"Definitely enough to give a wake up call," Allen said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 10 people die every day of unintentional drowning, but experts said it's absolutely preventable.

"Always know where the child is at all times," said Ernie Hase, a firefighter at the Liberty Fire Station in Bangor.

For home pools, Hase said parents should remove toys from the water when their child isn't swimming.

"Kids are attracted to toys. They see the toys, they want to reach for them, they could fall in," Hase said.

In addition, Hase said parents should make sure the pool is gated off when an adult isn't supervising.

While young children may not know how to swim, Hase said they should know how to stay above water.

"Teach them proper floating techniques, how to float on back or your stomach," Hase said.

He urges parents to be aware of the signs of drowning.

"A lot of times you may not hear anything," Hase said.

If you notice someone drowning, Hase says call for help and pull the person from the water.

He also encourages parents to know basic CPR.

If you think any water at all got into your child's lungs, head to a hospital right away.

For more information about water safety and drowning visit the CDC website.

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