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Local Chabad preparing for traditional Passover meal

Local Chabad preparing for traditional Passover meal

Rabbi Yaacov Halperin and his wife Devorah spent Monday afternoon preparing for a night of celebration and tradition at the Chabad of the Lehigh Valley.

"We are celebrating our redemption from Egypt 3,336 years ago," said Rabbi Yaacov Halperin.

The Seder marks the beginning of Passover. Seder, the Hebrew word for order, is based on ritual.

"We go through a specific order throughout the night of the Seder as we go through the book of Haggadah and the actual meal," Halperin said.

The celebration includes the Seder meal. Every item on the plate has a symbolic reference to Jewish history.

"The bitter herbs to remind us of the slavery in Egypt,' Halperin said.

A chicken bone symbolizes sacrifices in Temple time, Halperin said.

"One item is Haroset, symbolic of cement Jews laid in Egypt," Halperin said.

An egg has two meanings.

"There is many significance of the egg, to remind us of sacrifices in Temple time. And that life is like an egg, a circle, and we should never take advantage of our freedom today," Halperin said.

The meal also includes Matzah.

"The reason we eat is Matzah is that when Jewish people were told it was time…they were rushed out, there was no time for the bread to rise, that's why we eat the Matzah," Halperin said.

Passover is a celebration, but this year's holiday also brings somberness, after three people were killed in a shooting rampage at two Jewish Centers over the weekend.

"Our hearts are with the families in Kansas City," Halperin said.

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